***Promotion from 1st September to the end of November***

DISCOUNTED CURTAIN LINING: with ANY purchase of curtain fabrics from Maurice Kain, Sekers and a limited ranges of uncoated Filigree. Call in to Defined Interiors to see the large range of fabrics available.

Defined Interiors Feng Shui Garden

The complete new Feng Shui garden at Defined Interiors is ready to give a tranquil welcome to our lovely customers. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of turning into seasonal changes, tides and vibrations of nature to bring health, wealth and good fortune.


Consultations are available and can be used for Tips on REDUCING ENERGY COST’S, DESIGN AND DECORATING ideas, MAXIMIZING PROFIT when selling your home and Yearly Special Occasions.

Solar Powered Straw Home

This solar powered straw home was built on a 90-acre block in Mount Pleasant. Family and friends will be helping to finish the upstairs rooms. It may look like a regular house fromthe outside, but this solar powered straw home was carefully designed to fit into nature.

Latest Released Fabrics

You will love this new Autumn Collection of fresh prints. I am impressed with this collection of fabrics as it helps people create a bright and vibrant room. Discover how you can secure this fabric for your home.

Kapunda Farm Fair

Come to the Kapunda Farm Fair, a great day for all the family. Visit Defined Interiors stand to see what we have to offer and enter the draw to WIN some defined discounts!

Top Tips for Summer

Drapes significantly reduce UV damage to furnishings and carpet and act as a buffer against noise. Correctly fitted curtains will reduce heat gains during summer by up to 65%. Pelmets block the light above the drapes and are a good insulator.

Five home tips for Spring

Spring is here, so it is the perfect time for a Spring clean to spruce up your home and prepare for Summer. Open up and air out your home. Wash windows, walls, doors and vents but don’t stop there.

How to increase the energy efficiency of your home

To save you money and decrease the amount of money spent to heat your home in winter or cool it in summer, it is recommended you increase the insulation of your windows by installing effective window treatments.