Defined Interiors Feng Shui Garden


The complete new Feng Shui garden at Defined Interiors is ready to give a tranquil welcome to our lovely customers.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of turning into seasonal changes, tides and vibrations of nature to bring health, wealth and good fortune.

You can alter your environment, your home and garden so that you feel at peace with yourself and the world around you. This can lead to  positive changes and enhance certain aspects of your life including family, career, opportunities, prosperity and luck.

The 5 elements which include movement are Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth which interact with each other, this reinforces the concept that the Elements generate and destroy each other in a continuous cycle.

The presence of Feng Shui gardens are to balance the Yin and Yang so that ch’i is encouraged to flow in a lazy meandering fashion and to accumulate. Try to introduce curving paths and planting patterns which lead the eye into the middle distance, but don’t reveal the whole garden. A good mix of Ying and Yang, of colours, plants, and different levels in your garden will enhance the feng-shui of your home.

The presence of soft Yin foil age can be countered with the Yang of polished stones or boulders. Many of the principles that apply to the creation of Japanese gardens can be modified to produce a peaceful yet invigorating garden environment


Walls, fences and screens can be used to block our ‘secret arrows’ which are outside influences such as intrusive lines of telegraph poles. ‘Secret arrows’ become a undesirable source of sh’a.

Flowing water features will provide a tranquil setting as a carrier of ch’i. Avoid leaving rotting or dead plants in the garden as they generate too  much Yin energy.

Why not try to improve your luck and use positive energy lows to your advantage in your home, garden, love life and career.