Pre-Sale Home Styling

Pre-Sale Home Styling

Initial Consultation

This consultation is an in home visit where I tour the property with you and give you recommendations of what needs to be addressed to accentuate your home and maximise your selling potential, you will be provided with a report.

This is a good option if you require an expert eye for some assistance.

You can do the work yourself or can select the further services available:

  • Clean and De-clutter
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Gardening

  • Colour Advice and Painting
  • Furniture Removal and Storage
  • Furniture Rental – usually 6 weeks rental

Preparing Homes For Sale

Ensure the maximum possible price when selling your home by presenting it in a certain way to appeal to the target market group. Different size, styles of homes and locations will determine the most likely groups.

The way your potential clients will live in your home is different to the way you do.

Detail the home like you would detail your car if you were selling it.

I call it Property Restyling.

Staged homes sell faster and for more money so the investment spent in Restyling your home will cover the expenses and increase your profit.

Essential Elements in preparing your Home for sale are:

  • Curb Appeal
  • Neutralising
  • Depersonalising
  • Furniture Rental
  • De-cluttering
  • Furniture Layout
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Painting
  • Cleanliness
  • Detailed

 Contact me today, to get your home ready for sale.

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